Love and Spray Paint

Spent a little time in a neat little town in Southern Saskatchewan. A nice good looking well kept small town. The old cracked sidewalks were always swept clean and free from weeds. Front yards were all nicely manicured with freshly cut grass and flower gardens. The shops in town were also very well taken care of. Clean and organized the windows were even streak free. These people loved their town, and it really showed.

Then it was the morning after their High School Graduation. Noticed the cistern was a little low so hopped into the water truck and headed into town to grab water. As I neared town noticed that the road sign was spray painted with “GRAD” graffiti. I was somewhat shocked by this. By the time I made it into town was totally blown away with disbelief. Looked as if a riot had gone through. Things were smashed and spray painted with graffiti. Gardens trampled and garbage in the streets!

The thing I found the most strange about this was that I seamed to be the only one upset about the town being trashed. These people loved this town more than anything and yet no one was upset. So I asked someone why he wasn’t upset about what had happened to the town. He looked at me and said “How can I be mad at them when I did the same things when I was their age?” My feelings of pride quickly changed to that of hypocrisy. For the only thing that will make this town pretty again is love. And love takes a bit of elbow grease and sometimes a bit of paint too. So I grabbed a brush and helped out. For the effort to put the town back was far less effort then it took to be mad at those kids.


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