Slow cooker distillation

Essential oil distillation using a slow cooker and solid state cooling albeit kinda neat definitely not the best way to distill essential oil. Quite possibly the least efficient way to distill essential oils. But my peltier modules came in the mail and I wanted some Yarrow essential oil and hydrosol. So dug through the old junk boxes. Was able to find a few pieces of metal, heat sink, fan, power supply, a switch, and a few fasteners.


In the slow cooker placed Yarrow, water, and a catch bowl. Then placed the slow cooker lid upside down on the slow cooker. The solid state refrigerator was then placed on top of the slow cooker lid.

When everything was turned on the slow cooker lid stayed cool. It slowly began to fog up. Then it started to condensate on the lid. Minute amounts of essential oil and around a cup of hydrosol was produced.


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